Liability Release and Associated Risks

Last Updated 1/9/2020

It is our goal to always work with all registrants, clients, and all third-parties to encourage a fun program, safety for everyone involved, and a respect for all people and property.  Communication is a key part of achieving this.  The following information outlines what registrants are responsible for understanding regarding our program and activities, as well as how Bricks at Work respects and protects everyone involved.


By registering for participation in a Bricks at Work event (such as but not limited to after-school sessions, independent events, and Summer Sessions) you are acknowledging that you understand the Associated Risks of classroom participation and releasing Bricks at Work, as well as any location host(s), from any related liabilities that may be relevant to yourself, those you are responsible for, and those you register on behalf of.

Bricks at Work reserves the right to refuse any registration for any reason.


We recommend that you become familiar with our program, curriculum, and classroom activities in order to best understand the activities and risks associated for you or those you register on behalf of.  Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns you may have.

This release also indicates that you agree and understand you may not prosecute Bricks at Work for any and all activities involved with communication, registration, payment, participation, representation, and environment.  You also indicate that any severe issues

that may arise may be addressed through out Communication Due Process.

Participation Expectations

Last Updated 7/31/2019

Anyone participating in any Bricks at Work program is expected to follow these rules.
Failure to act within these guidelines may result in suspension for activities, expulsion for a session, or expulsion from future sessions.

  • Respect

    • Participants are expected​ to be respectful of instructors, materials, and others.

  • Participation

    • Participants are expected to participate in activities.

    • Participants are expected to not hinder another's participation.​

Associated Risks

Risks associated with our program include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Active Participation

    • Physical activity both within and beyond Bricks at Work activities, such as running.

  • Product Risk

    • Many pieces we used are considered choking hazards for younger ages.
      (students who may be prone to this should have participation heavily considered)

    • Materials are used by many, and may cause the spread of sickness or allergens.

  • Incurred Harm

    • Accidental injury during participation, such as a trip and fall

    • Self-injury from disrespecting equipment (such as reaching fingers into a fan)

    • Interaction injury, such as another participant shoving
      (See Misbehavior Interactions)

  • Transportation Agreement

    • If Bricks at Work provides transportation during an activity of any kind, participants are accepting the risk(s) that come with such travel​

    • Dangers associated with vehicle travel provided by Bricks at Work are accepted as an Associated Risk, and Bricks at Work cannot be held responsible

      • Contact Bricks at Work to personally arrange alternative transportation in order to opt​ out of Accepting this Risk.

  • Misbehavior Interactions

    • These are essentially "when some other kid breaks the rules".
      Many of these Interactions cannot be completely prevented, but are interrupted as soon as possible with resulting discipline(s).

    • Disrespect, such as insults or foul language, from another participant.

    • Incurred Harm from another participant, such as a student shoving another.

  • Participant Responsibility

    • The participant (or those responsible for them) is Responsible for any consequential aftermath they are involved with or connected to during Bricks at Work activities:

    • Responsible for all incurred damages and associated costs from Misbehavior.

    • Responsible for all applicable fines for Misbehavior (such as property damage)

    • Responsible for all interactions (including resulting legal action) with other participants.

  • Suspension/Expulsion

    • The removal from session activities.  (essentially a "Time Out")

    • May occur if a registrant is breaking rules, disrespecting or endangering property, instructors, or other participants.

    • Instances of this are non-refundable.

Last Updated 8/6/2019

Communication Due Process

Last Updated 1/9/2020

In the instance of an accusation or serious concern, it is expected that any third-party (anyone not associated with Bricks at Work) communicate to us using the following Due Process.  This is our way of being able to best process and address concerns, investigate accusations, as well as protect those associated with us.​

Firstly, we are always open to communication through!  We will be able to quickly and thoroughly address any questions or concerns you may have.


It is important to us that, with any expressed concern(s), a "mock solution" also be proposed alongside.  This helps open stronger communication to give a clearer picture what the problem may be, as well as already give momentum towards crafting a complete resolution.

Should a third-party feel that prosecution is required, an in-person meeting must first be scheduled with the intent from both parties to first resolve the situation.  Should the third-party not demonstrate an intent towards resolution (as considered by Bricks at Work), Bricks at Work cannot be held liable and may not be prosecuted.

Participation in any Bricks at Work or associated event signifies that any participating individual(s), as well as any representing them, agree to this understanding.