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Summer Sessions 2021:

Our Summer Sessions feature LEGO-focused activities that promote S.T.E.A.M. learning, teamwork, imagination and creativity!  Students will explore a variety of activities, such as building a zipliner, trying our Wind Rider challenge, racing in the LEGO Derby track, and completing build challenges.  That’s just the highlights; with over 10,000 pieces in Free Build and a variety of ever-changing activities, a new LEGO-themed adventure and challenge await in each Session!



Fun for All

Types of Sessions:

Grades K - 6th

These session feature our popular after-school programming, for those entering grades K - 6th after summer break!

Group Sessions

These sessions are open to groups of 2+ of ages 5+.

Activities focus on group participation but also feature all other programming.

AFOL Session

Adult Fans oLEGO sessions are for ages 18+, and feature advanced activities for individuals or groups.

Fun for all skill levels!

Summer F.A.Q.s

What do students do at Summer Sessions?

     Students get to choose which activities to participate in during a session; ranging from building challenges to Derby racing to designing a zipliner, our Free-Build fueled activities keep students engaged, with something fun and new to do each session!

How do I register a group of 7+ people for a session?

     Wow, someone's popular!  Our group sessions are meant for social groups and families, not parties; so if you have a crowd you'd like to bring, please register them as multiple groups ranging 2-6 people in size.
(i.e. a group of 8 can be registered as two groups of four)

     However, families pay a maximum of $80.00 per registration, regardless of group size; please contact us to custom-register family groups larger than 6.

What is there to do for older/adult LEGO builders at these sessions?
     Our AFOL sessions have advanced activities specifically for an older audience; such as design challenges and competitions and a large LEGO kit library to build.
"Children never outgrow LEGO - they just build bigger and better things"  - LEGO Kit 001

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