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ROAD - OPTIONS - "Which is a Witch?"

As your party is walking along, two old women approach you on the road.  They both seem to be muttering incoherently.  Suddenly, they stare at you intently.  Speaking in sync, they blurt out, "Witchcraft is she!  Strike her down to free me, please!  We haven't much time!"

Outcome 1: Attack the Left one

As the woman falls, you here a faint snickering come from the one remaining.  She cackles, transforming into some corrupt humanoid, clearly empowered by this sacrifice.  Prepare for combat!

Outcome 2: Attack the Right one

As the woman falls, she shrieks an unholy hiss and begins to decay before you.  As she simmers away into a black mist, the lady beside you seems to regain some of her strength, standing straighter and looking less pale.  "Thank you, adventurers!  You've saved my life, please take this as a small token of my thanks!"

*Gain Reward*

Outcome 3: Depart/Ignore

You quickly pass the strange figures, not wanting anything to do with such strange encounters.  Behind you, an eerie mixture of faint chuckles and weeping can be heard as the pair moves further down the road.


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