Friendly reminder that any submitted skills may be unused, directly used, or modified.

Project Valley Skills


+HP = 10 x RANK

The italic description above, for the skill Brief Respite, restores 10 HP for every Skill Rank Brief Respite has.

Skill Descriptions:

- When referring to your weapon's level, utilize the [Weapon] notation format please.

- When referring to your skill level, utilize the RANK notation format please.


- General Skills are typically a universal, basic helpful skill for everyone to learn/use.

- Race skills are completely unique to a racial type.  These should try to fit into a race's lore and history.

Skill Type:

- The general category for what your skill does when activated.  Select OTHER only if your skill absolutely cannot fit into any of these.

Name of Skill:

- A short, unique name.  Please, avoid references and Easter Eggs to other intellectual properties.


- The amount of ACT required to cast skills

- Should never be negative

- Select 0 for a PASSIVE skill


- The number of tiles the skill may reach

- Should never be negative

- RNG of 0 only effects current tile


- Single Target may hit any ally or enemy within RNG

- Area of Effect should be clarified in Description

- Only Self prevents skill from hitting others

- Only Ally prevents skill from effecting self

Skill Ranks:

- If your skill refers to itself, such as [Skill Ranks], indicate the number of levels players may improve using SP.

Refer to the bottom of the main Project Valley page for the terms and conditions applicable to participating in the Project Valley BETA.

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