Bricks at Work Sessions

Bricks at Work connects with schools in order to provide after-school LEGO workshops like never before introduced!  Our unique curriculum caters LEGO building, learning, and fun to all ages and aims to help students grow in their LEGO and life skills!

Using a large variety of curriculum elements, such as Free Build, Technic, Build Challenges and more, Bricks at Work offers a class experience that caters to the individual's building levels, working so that no student is bored due to simplicity or completely struggling due to over-complexity.  Our instructors understand and work towards treating students like the individual they are.

More About Us:

After-School Class Catalog

LEGO Workshop - Presented by Bricks at Work

    Featuring unique activities and several thousand LEGO parts, our after-school workshops provide a dynamic experience full of fun and creativity.  With highlights such as LEGO Derby races, creation challenges, Wind-Riders, Ziplines, and much more, our LEGO Workshop is sure to be a blast for any builder!


LEGO Derby - Presented by Bricks at Work

Thousands of bricks.  Ten-foot sprints. Two hours.

Participants in our LEGO Derby design and build custom racers to compete in a challenge of speed, engineering, and design.

Cars need to be fast, strong, and awesome in order to win.  The winners of these categories take home LEGO kits to keep.  Do you have what it takes?


BattleBots - Presented by Bricks at Work

Utilizing teamwork, tactics, and innovation, students work with teams and remote-controlled bots to compete in arena-based competitions such as Brickball, Capture the Flag, Fortress Attack/Defend, and more.

Think you have what it takes to bring your team to victory?  Choose your load-out wisely, coordinate with teammates, and overcome trials and opponents to claim the prize!

This curriculum does not feature LEGO Mindstorm robotics or coding; devices are controlled live via remote control using LEGO Power Functions.